Carmichael Banff Log Cabin

History of the Log Cabin

The Banff Log Cabin was hand built in 1974, by the Langevin family.  Each log was individually hand peeled and “scribed”.  The guest cabin was built first, because the main house took four years to complete.

We were told that the Guest Cabin was built as a “test structure” and in a similar style to the Back Country Park Warden’s Cabins.  It is said that the family spent some time living in the Guest Cabin as they worked on completing the main house.  The guest cabin was then used as a storage area and tool shed.

Our Banff Log Cabin was featured in the book “Log House Plans” written by distinguished log-house builder: Allan Mackie in 1979.

The Langevin family sold the house in 1984 to Ms Saitoh of Saitoh Furs, and for the next 20 years the house was used as a staff accommodation.  During this time, little or no maintenance was done on either structure. 

In 2002, the property became derelict and was put on the market for sale.  It was nearly four years before the Carmichaels bought the house in June 2006.  The Guest Cabin foundation was failing, and in 2010 the Carmichaels set out to restore the structure, bringing it up to code and the beautiful condition it is in today.

In September 2011, a Japanese TV crew came to Banff to shoot a Love Story based in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The Banff Log Cabin was the Bed & Breakfast featured in the story. The drama was shown in March to commemorate the opening of the new station "BS IMAGICA".

The title was "Love...so do I - MIRAI-ENO KISEKI" featuring: Rina Uchiyama, Miho Shiraishi, and Yui Ichikawa

In August 2012, the Banff Log Cabin was invited by the Whyte Museum and the Town of Banff to participate in “Doors Open Banff”. This annual event allows people to walk through the historic homes of Banff and enjoy the architecture, mountain culture and hear stories of the people who built them. Malcolm & Sharon were honored to be part of this event.

In May 2016, the Log Cabin Hub, (with a dedicated team of log cabin enthusiasts) spent time researching thousands of holiday resorts searching for the most idyllic, undisputed log cabin rentals from all around the world.
The Banff Log Cabin was nominated, shortlisted as a finalist and presented with a certificate of achievement (displayed on our home page) only 25 log cabins from around the world were chosen so it is an impressive achievement: http://www.logcabinhub.com/log-cabin-holiday-awards

The main log house is often scouted out for location photography shoots, and the Carmichaels welcome this opportunity. Dale of Norway (luxury sweaters) and Marks Work Wearhouse (iconic Canadian clothing brand) have recently used the cabin for their product shoots.


Banff Log Cabin Historical Plaque

In 2020, The Banff Log Cabin was recognised as an important part of Banff's architectural history, and awarded a Banff Heritage plaque. Sharon & Malcolm were noted for restoring the cabin, rescuing and saving these important hand crafted structures.

You have created such a beautiful, welcoming place for your guests and we so appreciate it.  The details and care you take with your home is amazing.

The muffins were to die for!
Miranda & Beau

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